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B.P. Global Enterprises has been formed to enable small and medium sized corporations to improve their competitiveness by applying technology, business practices and workforce development.

B.P. Global Enterprises' principal role is to serve as a catalyst, advisor and broker for firms seeking to improve their competitive position. Project Managers work with individual firms to assess needs, identify areas of improvement, and develop specific projects. Once a project is defined, B.P. Global then locates appropriate expertise which the firm can use to perform the project. During the project, B.P. Global stays involved in the process with the firm to ensure timely performance and outcome that can be implemented. B.P. Global seeks to maintain its relationship with its clients over time so that as additional opportunities arise, subsequent projects can be more easily initiated.

What Kinds of Services are Available?

A wide range of services are available through B.P. Global Enterprises. An associate can perform an initial assessment to identify the most critical areas of improvement. B.P. Global will also work to define the priority projects as well as the appropriate resources.

  • Quality training and consultation, including preparation for ISO 9000 registration
  • Materials management and manufacturing engineering
  • Facilities engineering, plant layout and workflow improvement
  • Industrial engineering, waste reduction
  • Defense conversion, new market development, information services
  • Management and workforce training for new methods, processes and continuous improvement
  • Other services as appropriate to assist in improving competitiveness such as grant writing for Federal and State grants

B.P.Global will work with client firms to identify and approach sources of financing for these needs if warranted.

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